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Minimize costs of DWI charges by working with experienced attorney

Drunk driving can have a lot of consequences, but one of the consequences that can really hit offenders hard are the financial costs associated with a DWI conviction. For first-time offenders, thousands of dollars on fines, court costs, and other expenses may be heaped upon a driver. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a DWI conviction can cost as much as $17,000, though this certainly varies from case to case.

Costs extend beyond the criminal process, since insurance premiums significantly increase after a DWI conviction, and various other expenses stemming from DWI charges find their way into the mix as well. The point being that DWI can be a very expensive thing to deal with, particularly for those who have multiple convictions. 

Significant as they can be in some cases, the costs associated with DWI are not always the most serious consequences defendants face. In addition to fees, fines and other monetary costs, there is also the possibility of jail time, depending on the case.

For DWI defendants, working with an experienced attorney can help ensure that one has the best shot at minimizing the financial costs of DWI. While working with an experienced attorney to build a strong defense case does involve costs, it also gives a defendant the change to address the more permanent aspects of a DWI conviction.

Our firm is committed to assisting DWI defendants build the best defense case possible and, in doing so, working to minimize the financial and other costs of DWI charges.

Source: TCU, “IMAGE: The $17,000 Drink,” Mario Montalvo, April 13, 2015.

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