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Continued reminders of potential for police misconduct abound

The legality of police investigation is an important topic right now in the United States, as it should be. Recent events that have gained national attention have highlighted not only the challenges police officers face in doing their work, but especially the fact that police officers can and do make mistakes of judgment.

Local stories involving potential police misconduct, of course, are ongoing. Last week, for instance, a Texas woman suspected of driving while intoxicated was thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious in front of her daughter for allegedly resisting arrest. Video footage of the incident, however, calls into question the officer’s decision to use that kind of force on the woman under the circumstances, though authorities say he acted according to training. 

Unnecessary use of force is certainly not the only issue that criminal suspects can face in police investigations. Search and seizure issues are particularly important for defendants to explore in the context of criminal charges, especially for those facing drunk driving and drug-related charges. As we’ve previously pointed out on this blog, criminal suspects have very defined rights when it comes to searches and seizures, and these rights deserve to be protected.

Those who have been subjected to police misconduct, particularly with respect to searches and seizures, should do themselves a favor and get in contact with an experienced attorney to have their case evaluated and to determine their legal options. Those who have been charged with a crime based on a police investigation involving misconduct can benefit from the advice and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Those who aren’t facing criminal charges may be able to file a civil rights lawsuit to hold an unscrupulous officer accountable. In any case, having strong legal advocacy is a critical resource. 

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