Illegal Re-Entry

were you arrested re-entering the u.s.?

Re-entering the U.S. illegally after being deported, removed or excluded is a crime. If you were caught, you will face serious penalties. You need an immigration lawyer who is also experienced in criminal defense.

Call the Rosales Law Firm. We help people with immigration and criminal defense. We will explain the charges against you and work to protect your rights. The prosecution has an easy job in re-entry cases. You need a lawyer who will fight hard to protect you.

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you could be sentenced to fines and prison

The reason you were deported affects the sentence you will receive if you re-enter the country illegally. For example, if you overstayed your visa and then re-enter illegally, your sentence will be up to six months long. If you were deported after being convicted of drug trafficking, you may be sentenced to many years in a U.S. prison.

To minimize the penalties you may face, you need an attorney who knows the federal sentencing guidelines. We have many years of experience with federal criminal defense and can fight for you in federal court.

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