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If your child was charged with a drug crime, you may not know where to turn. People may tell you that your child does not need a lawyer. But that is simply not true. Juveniles can face the same charges and penalties as adults in certain cases.

Whether your child is charged as a juvenile or an adult, his or her future is at stake. You can trust the Rosales Law Firm to provide experienced criminal defense regardless of the charge your child is facing.

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Law enforcement takes all drug crimes seriously, whether they are committed by juveniles or adults. Pressure to show progress in the war on drugs has resulted in tough prosecution and steep penalties for all drug charges, including those for marijuana, meth, ecstasy and cocaine. We also represent juveniles charged with drug trafficking or smuggling drugs across the border.

Defense against juvenile crimes takes an attorney with experience in the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems. In Texas, children between the ages of 10 and 17 are usually tried in juvenile court. However, children under 17 can be charged as adults if they are charged with certain violent felony offenses. They may face the adult certification process by which the court determines whether they should be tried as juveniles or adults. We will fight aggressively to keep your child's case in the juvenile justice system.

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