Juvenile Drug Trafficking

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A recent trend in drug trafficking from Mexico to the U.S. is using teens to smuggle drugs across border. Lately, however, border patrol and law enforcement are catching more of these teens, who subsequently face stiff penalties.

In Texas, minors (under age 18) can be tried as adults in certain situations. It is vital that a teen charged with a crime has a lawyer with experience in the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems. Rosales Law Firm can help.

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Many officers believe that kids are tricked into trafficking drugs across the border by the smugglers. According to William Molaski, U.S. Customs and Border Protection El Paso port director, "There is no age-related free pass as some of the smugglers have been led to believe."

The charges teens face are serious, and they can be prosecuted in state court just for crossing the border. Even selling or trafficking drugs locally can subject teens to the same charges as adults. If a teen is charged with drug trafficking, he or she may face any of the following sentences, depending on the circumstances of the case:

  • A minor with no priors may receive probation until age 18.
  • A minor may also receive a determinate sentence. He or she is tried as a minor and serves the first part of a prison sentence in youth detention in a Texas Youth Commission facility, then rest in prison when he or she reaches adulthood (age 18).
  • A minor may receive adult certification, which means the same penalties for conviction apply as they apply to adults.

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