Your Drug Trafficking Case

Our attorneys at the Rosales Law Firm are prepared to mount an aggressive, intelligent defense for individuals in El Paso and throughout Texas who have been accused of transporting drugs across state lines, importing or exporting illegal drugs, drug smuggling or any other drug offense.

Charged With Drug Trafficking? You Need Experienced Attorneys.

You may face federal and state drug trafficking charges, depending on the specific nature of your case. Either way, you need experienced legal representation to protect your rights. As former prosecutors, we know how to protect your rights. We will be strong advocates throughout your case, protecting your rights and exploring all options to find the best outcome for you.

You face serious repercussions if you are convicted of drug trafficking. Our lawyers are here to help. Contact us today.

Our firm is equipped to handle both federal and state drug trafficking charges:

  • Federal drug trafficking involves the transport of controlled substances across state lines and international borders, as well as drugs distributed through mail and on federal land or airspace.
  • State drug trafficking charges involve the trafficking and distribution of drugs within Texas. Many drug trafficking cases involve both state and federal charges.

We will assist you with every aspect of your defense, including grand jury investigations, bail and bond hearings, asset forfeiture and other legal matters.

A Strong Defense Strategy

Every case is unique — our defense strategy is based on the specific circumstances of your arrest and evidence in your case.

We will provide a solid legal defense by using effective defense strategies to help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. We strive to get you the best possible outcome, and we work hard to get your charges dismissed or to find a favorable plea bargain and reduced charges.

Do Not Wait To Contact Us

We care about you and your future. You will receive close, personal attention from our lawyers who have more than 40 years of combined experience representing clients in drug cases. To start protecting your rights, call us at 915-219-5516 or send us an email to discuss your case.

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