Designer Drug Cases

Drugs that are referred to as "designer drugs" are drugs that are created in a laboratory by changing the properties of a drug that comes from a plant such as marijuana or cocaine. The resulting drug will have a different effect on the brain and on behavior than the original drug. Often times, since designer drugs are created illegally in labs, it is not always known what is in them or what their effects will be.

Common types of designer drugs include Ecstasy, Rohypnol and other date rape drugs, and methamphetamines. These designer drugs are still illegal and carry significant penalties for their possession, sale and trafficking.

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you need an experienced defense attorney. At Rosales Law Firm, in El Paso, our lawyers represent people from Texas, other states and Mexico who are facing charges involving designer drugs.

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Most existing designer drugs, such as Ecstasy, have been added to the DEA's controlled substances list. Additionally, it can be against the law to possess, sell or manufacture chemicals that are substantially similar to existing illegal drugs.

These charges are aggressively prosecuted in Texas, and in some cases, police officers and prosecutors will cut corners in order to secure convictions. If your rights have been infringed upon during the search and seizure of evidence in your case, our firm will protect your rights and work to get that evidence dismissed from the proceeding.

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