Occupational Driver's License After A DWI

If you have been convicted of a DWI, you may be able to receive a restricted license, which is referred to as an "occupational driver's license" or ODL. An ODL allows a person to drive in certain circumstances such as to and from work, and to and from an educational institution. Whether a person receives an ODL often depends upon the circumstances of the arrest and conviction such as prior criminal record and other factors.

In order to obtain an ODL, you must file a petition. The Rosales Law Firm has two El Paso DWI attorneys who are experienced and understand the laws regarding drunk driving in the state of Texas. We can advise you regarding an occupational driver's license, help you file your petition and guide you through the legal process.

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Once you file a petition for an occupational driver's license, the petition must be approved and signed by a judge. This will result in an order that allows you to drive to certain places. There are restrictions on where you can drive and how many hours each day you are allowed to operate a motor vehicle. You cannot drive a commercial vehicle with an ODL and must hold a specific type of insurance in order to qualify.

An ODL can help you keep your job and keep your life going as smoothly and normally as possible. Our knowledgeable lawyers can assist you in getting an occupational driver's license in Texas.

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