Military DWI

A DWI is a serious offense for any person, but for a person who is serving in the military, the consequences can be much more severe. In the case of a civilian DWI conviction, most sentences include a loss of license, fines, alcohol education classes and, in some cases, jail time. In a military DWI, a convicted individual could also face a rank reduction, pay deduction, loss of security clearance or dishonorable discharge.

At the Rosales Law Firm, in El Paso, our attorneys have years of experience handling civilian and military DWIs throughout Texas. They will move your case along quickly and provide the guidance that you need during such a stressful time. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an .

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One of the biggest differences between a civilian DWI and a military DWI is the criterion that is used to establish intoxication. If a driver's blood alcohol limit is lower than the state's legal limit, but the military court feels that the level was high enough to cause impairment during the operation of a vehicle, that person may be charged with a military DWI.

Given the devastation that a military DWI conviction can have on a military career, it is important to speak with a lawyer who will work to prevent you from facing those serious penalties.

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The attorneys at the Rosales Law Firm will aggressively defend your rights if you are accused of a military DWI in Texas. If you or someone you care about has been charged, please do not wait to contact us.

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