Intoxicated Assault Or Manslaughter

When an individual causes serious bodily harm or death to another person while driving intoxicated, that person may be charged with intoxicated assault or intoxicated manslaughter. These are both very serious charges with harsh penalties upon a conviction. If you are under investigation for one of these offenses, or you have already been arrested, you need to speak with an experienced Texas attorney as soon as possible.

At the Rosales Law Firm, our El Paso attorneys provide experienced representation for charges of intoxicated assault and manslaughter in Texas. They will listen to your case and provide the guidance that you need during such a stressful time. They will also aggressively pursue a dismissal or mitigation of the charges in the first place, in order to avoid the potential penalties of an arrest and conviction.

texas intoxicated manslaughter attorneys

Charges of intoxicated assault and manslaughter can carry penalties that include lengthy terms of incarceration, heavy fines and a permanent felony mark on your criminal record. Additionally, your options for future employment and your reputation could be irreversibly harmed.

Our firm will thoroughly examine your circumstances, what was alleged to have occurred, and prepare the best possible defense on your behalf. Given that prosecutors are often vigorous in the pursuit of convictions in these cases, you need a determined and aggressive advocate on your side.

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If you have been charged with intoxicated manslaughter, intoxicated assault or a related drunk driving crime, discuss your options with an attorney at Rosales Law Firm. Contact our firm to schedule an .

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