Texas Bill Seeks To Increase License Suspension Following Multiple DWIs

There is currently a bill working its way through the Texas legislature that will, if passed, create harsher drivers' license suspensions for those convicted of multiple DWI offenses in Texas - specifically, those convicted of a fifth DWI offense.

While Texas already has considerable penalties for those convicted of more than one DWI, if this new bill becomes law - thus boosting license suspension penalties - it only furthers the necessity of seeking the counsel of an experienced DWI defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

license suspension periods for multiple texas dwis

Presently, Texas law states that anyone convicted of a DWI faces a license suspension of up to one year. If this happens to be the motorist's second or third DWI conviction, the suspension enlarges to a maximum of two years, although it must be at least 180 days. But, if the motorist has a previous DWI conviction and is subject to Texas' "Ignition Interlock" provision, the minimum suspension increases from 180 days to one year - with a continued maximum of two years.

However, the Texas bill recently introduced - otherwise known as Texas House Bill 3815 - will add an increased license suspension for those convicted of at least five DWIs in Texas. Specifically, the bill states if prosecutors show at trial that a person convicted of a DWI "has been previously convicted of four or more" DWIs, then the court must order the Texas Department of Public Safety to suspend this person's license for 10 years.

Furthermore, the bill states if the person convicted of a fifth DWI does not currently have a valid driver's license, then the state will not issue this person a license for a period of 10 years.

seek assistance if facing dwi charges

While this newly introduced bill will likely not impact many Texas motorists since it only applies those who are convicted of five or more DWIs, it does demonstrate how lawmakers in Texas are getting tougher on those with multiple DWI convictions.

Consequently, if you are currently facing a DWI charge in Texas - even if it is only your first - it is often best to seek the counsel of an experienced DWI defense attorney. A skilled criminal defense attorney can not only help ensure your rights are protected, but also assist in reviewing the circumstances of your arrest in order to determine what defenses may be available.