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Woman found with meth after being detained

On July 31, authorities conducting a traffic stop recovered methamphetamine from a Texas woman who had outstanding warrants. The woman reportedly first told the authorities that she did not have any illegal substances on her person. As she was being booked, however, she removed a baggie containing meth from her genital area.

When do prosecutors pursue criminal charges for drug crimes?

There are numerous drug-related crimes being committed throughout the country and El Paso, Texas is not exempt. These include a wide range of criminal charges such as possession of drug paraphernalia and drug possession, to drug manufacturing and drug distribution or trafficking. All drug charges can have serious consequences.

Texas coach convicted of drug charges avoids jail

When facing criminal charges, those with little experience concerning the criminal justice system likely have many questions. Fortunately, there is assistance available that can help defendants better understand their options as they deal with charges. For example, a former high school baseball coach in Texas has recently avoided jail time after he was convicted of drug charges.

Get experienced defense attorney involved early on in criminal case

When prosecutors decide to bring a case against a defendant, it is presumably because they believe they have sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction. When prosecutors choose not to prosecute, it is ordinarily because they believe they don’t have enough evidence. That’s pretty straightforward. Prosecutors do have some discretion, though, as far as when they do and do not bring charges.

Looking at limitations on the exclusionary rule

Last time, we mentioned that the exclusionary rule may be an available remedy in cases where a criminal defendant has been subjected to an illegal search or seizure. The exclusionary rule is not something that a court applies automatically, but rather some that a criminal defendant has to request. This is done by filing a motion to suppress evidence.

Illegal stops, police harassment increasingly documented in Texas

The legality of stops, searches and seizures is a potentially important issue in criminal defense cases. Given the recent national scrutiny on the work of police officers, it is important for every U.S. citizen to understand their rights when it comes to criminal investigations. Police are certainly not infallible, and educating oneself can help one to have a better sense of when an officer may be engaging in illegal behavior.

Defending yourself against charges involving synthetic drugs

Under Texas and federal law, various synthetic drugs are banned on the grounds that they are highly addictive and have no medically accepted use. These drugs, which include synthetic cannabinoids. These drugs can be not only addictive, but very dangerous for users and those who happen to be near them during a trip.

President Obama commutes more sentences for nonviolent drug offenders

Readers may remember that, back in April, President Obama exercised his power of commutation by reducing prison sentences for 22 inmates in federal prisons. Many of these inmates had been serving out lengthy prison terms on convictions for non-violent drug offenses. Just last month, President Obama exercised his power of commutation again, reducing sentences for another 46 drug offenders.

New Texas synthetic drug law addresses shortcomings in 2011 law, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about a measure recently passed by Texas lawmakers that seeks to address the problem of synthetic marijuana throughout the state. In particular, the measure was intended to address a limitation in a previously passed law, under which prosecutors were unable to secure convictions for the sale, manufacture and use of synthetic cannabinoids.

New Texas synthetic drug law addresses shortcomings in 2011 law

Texas readers who have been paying attention to the news know that there has been a spate of hospitalizations in recent weeks in connection with the use of synthetic marijuana. Out in Austin, there have been at least 170 hospitalizations, and a number of other hospitalizations have occurred in other areas.

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